Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1. A holiday in South America

GB raftingThere are 8 posts in this blog about my holiday to Chile, Argentina and Brazil with boyfriend P in January 2008. The bulk of the holiday was in Chile, but we then had a couple of days just across the border in Argentina, before heading to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for the last few days. The posts aren't too taxing, mostly just a photo gallery, organised as follows:
  1. This posting
  2. Flight from São Paulo in Brazil to Santiago de Chile
  3. Santiago de Chile
  4. Atacama desert, Chile
  5. Altiplano, Chile
  6. Lake district, Chile
  7. Patagonia near Bariloche, Argentina
  8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Clicking on each photo will bring up a much higher resolution version of the picture. Also note that this blog is configured so that all 8 posts load up on the home page, so to see all the photos just make sure that you're on the home page and scroll down. And as well as all these postings, there are also 5 posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) on my main blog which mention the holiday :-).

GB xxx

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Diran said...

wow....its beautiful.You look like you really had good fun.Bytheway, thanks for the comments. However I cant taku due for what I did not write. Its something I took from another blog.Funny isnt it?haha