Wednesday, February 06, 2008

4. Atacama desert, Chile

Above and below: the Salar de Atacama salt flats

A couple of flamingos on the Salar de Atacama salt flats

The Atacama desert is meant to be the driest place on Earth, but that didn't stop it raining while we were there! Apparently it was the first time that it had rained in 6 years and consequently all the locals were ecstatic, but as Londoner I wasn't so impressed. If you can't escape the dreary rainy British weather by visiting the driest place on earth, climate change really has gone too far!

The oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, with a volcano looming out of the clouds in the distance :-)

A lightening storm in the driest place on earth brings more rain!

Horse riding in the desert

The white colour starting to appear on the rocky terrain is apparently due to salts coming out as a result of the rain

A cliff with a view :-)

More threatening clouds roll in :-(

The green in the distance is the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama

The old thatched church at Socaire, a village in the Andes situated at around 3,500 metres above sea level

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