Wednesday, February 06, 2008

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After a couple of nights in Argentina, we hopped over to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for the last few days of our holiday.

View from the famous Sugarloaf Mountain towards Rio de Janeiro on a cloudy day

While we were on top of the Sugarloaf Mountain, the clouds parted for a few seconds to reveal the statue of Christ the Redeemer in the distance.

Above and below: some old colonial buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro

The bars along this narrow road get very busy at night. And one of the bars, at the far end on the left, is apparently still owned by the family of Carmen Miranda

Inside the church of Irmandade da Santa Cruz Dos Militares

One of the four huge stained glass windows inside the cathedral

The opera house

The obligatory photograph of Christ the Redeemer

View of Rio from Corcovado mountain near the statue of Christ the Redeemer

One of the Rio beaches on a cloudy day. Shortly after this photograph was taken, we were persuaded to go and jump off one of the nearby hills in a tandem Hang Gliding flight. We both had experienced pilots and the whole experience is highly recommended :-).

On our third day in Rio, we went on a tour where we visited a couple of the shanty towns (favelas). The picture above shows a small part of one of the biggest favelas called Rocinha.

A picture of the favela Vila Canoas. During our tour, we were told that there are three rival drug gangs in Rio, with names 'Red Command', 'Third Command' and 'ADA' (i.e. 'Amigos de Amigos' or 'friends of friends'),and each favela is controlled by one of these gangs.

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